The New Rules of Success

What constitutes New Rules of Success? The answer can be narrowed down to an examination and understanding of the prevailing economic environment and culture.

Clearly, there are new and recent developments that must be explored and analyzed. Prominent among them is the advent of technology and the accompanying availability of information. How have successful people handled the recent changes?

We have showcased a number of Celebrity Experts® in this book to illustrate the success that can be found in the new economy. They each illustrate their success with accomplishments that give them the authority and credibility to act as guide, tutor or mentor. While the principles they highlight remain constant, their methodology required them to adapt to the New Economy.

Success remains a mindset. The foundation stone of success is in achieving the goal that we set for ourselves. To walk on the path of success, it is much easier to follow those who have achieved it already. Many successful people have utilized mentors as this reduces the time and effort to get there. Our Celebrity Experts® are willing to guide, coach and reveal to the reader how they succeeded.

To point yourself in the direction of success, follow our Celebrity Experts® to the New Rules of Success…..