Answers to your interview questions for your August 2018 wealth management special report:

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  1. When managing a client’s portfolio, what key elements do you look for and have they changed since the new tax laws?

We look for the client’s financial objectives, time horizon, tax bracket and risk tolerance. However, it is more than just that. We need to be familiar with the details of their financial situation and family dynamics, so that we properly advise and manage their wealth. Since we also provide income tax preparation and planning services, we are very sensitive to the new tax laws. We integrate our client’s tax planning with their investment management. The new tax laws don’t change the basic fundamentals of investment management, however, they do change how we structure and design our client’s investment accounts. The impact of the IRC sec. 199A deduction might affect a decision as to whether to make a traditional or Roth IRA contribution. We may recommend strategies of bunching of deductions or bunching of income. For self-employed clients, we may suggest a change of business entity type and use of retirement account types due to the new tax laws.

  1. What kind of investment impacts do you anticipate with the new tax laws coming into play and how …Read More

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