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Monty’s been a busy man lately—he’s been interviewed by a number of radio stations about his newest book, Happy & Secure in Sonoma County, and has had broadcasts all over Sonoma County! This has included KOWS (107.3 FM), a community radio station in West Sonoma County, The Michael Dresser Show, a nationally syndicated talk show,  and the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. If you’d like to hear a clip from his interview on the Michael Dresser Show, click the play button on the audio bar below.

Michael Dresser’s nationally syndicated radio talk show has evolved over the years into an entertaining and thought-provoking something for everyone, featuring guests from all over the country and covering such topics as health and fitness, diet and nutrition, parenting, education, social networking, travel, business and finance as well as political and historical perspectives. Michael is well known for getting to the heart of the issue at hand. The following is a transcript (and audio) of Monty’s interview on the Michael Dresser Show:

Monty’s Radio Interview – Michael Dresser Show – June 10, 2015

(MD – Michael Dresser, MT – Montgomery Taylor)

MD – Welcome back, I’m Michael, you’re listening to the …Read More

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