Save While You Build

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As a business owner, the ideal situation would be to create a company that grows large enough that it can sustain not only a comfortable living style for the owner currently, but also into their retirement. Many business owners don’t want to build and own a company that lasts their lifetime, they want to build and own one that surpasses it; funding their annual income during and after their desired working years. When measuring success, an easy goal to set is one that has the company operating smoothly, generating large amounts of income, and being managed by someone overseen by the owner. Eventually, the owner should become a guest; popping in and out whenever they feel the need to, knowing everything is being handled by those they put in management.

What owners forget, or often feel is unnecessary, to do – is save for retirement.

The main “plan” for the owner is to live happily off the income generated by the company long into their retirement. What they sometimes don’t consider is how easily a company can fall. It takes blood; sweat and tears to build a company into greatness, but can take just …Read More

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